We… want to see you happy here. Sawubona!

It is not that easy to buy a residential property or even to build one; especially in a foreign country. And if that foreign country is located at the southern most tip of Africa … When in Rome, do as the Romans do… or all different? In fact there is not that much difference in the South African property market. Ownership and transfer of ownership of immovable property in South Africa is very well and strict regulated and can be well compared to many West European acts and regulations. Nevertheless there are slight differences compared to the purchase of immovable property in other countries. There are many pitfalls for foreign buyers and you need to identify and understand them or you need professional assistance. The perfect climate of the Cape Region should not fool you.

Beside possible language barriers, property descriptions are often misleading and legal aspects as well as the content of offer to purchase have not been considered adequately. And this happens in a country where there is a lot of competition in the building and house sale sectors. A quick sale counts here too – with all its pitfalls and consequences. As a buyer you get literally overrun.

A major point in South Africa is the location. Not every beautiful spot is safe. On this side of the plant the north facing is the sunny side. The local currency is volatile against major currencies and fluctuates easily around 20%. And we have left wheel driving…

We have made our own experiences of the many years in this wonderful country and have combined them with the experiences of many foreign buyers into a unique free of charge (!) Consulting Service. We co-operate with all local estate agencies and property developers. We will not try to sell you just any property where we could earn a high commission from the Seller. Our service will be personalized based on your needs and submitted requirements. Via our online questionnaire you are able to provide us with your wish list, how your dream home in Cape Town is supposed to look like:  A Cape Dutch home in the Wine Region of Constantia, a villa by the sea in Camps Bay or Hout Bay or a penthouse in the V&A Waterfront or Cape Town CBD. Please note that the purchase of immovable property is commission free for the purchaser in South Africa.

Prior to your visit we will provide you with the details of your new dream home. You will receive three proposal and we will view them together with you and the seller during your stay. We will advise you, negotiate, prepare all the necessary documents (e.g. Offer to Purchase / Deed of Sale) and provide you the best conveyancers. We will supervise your foreign transactions to local banks and further provide you with our top partners in the building industry in case of renovations and building activities.

We want to save you any trouble, which many foreign property buyers have experienced here in the past. You can fulfil your property dream in South Africa worry-free.

Christoph von Kalckreuth Attorney (Germany)